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About Us


CDIN is an NGO and a platform for bringing together stakeholders in Nigeria to work on a common interest of addressing gaps in cryptography related developments including crypto-currencies and crypto-ransomwares. Lack of Awareness and Stakeholders collaboration are the two major gaps we have identified for now. Identified stakeholders includes institutions in the following sectors: Education, Defense, Economy and Technology. Our Strategic Themes are: Platforms, R&D and Collaboration. Our platform initiatives includes Weekly Meetups, Monthly Podcasts, and Annual Conference

Why it Matters

CDIN members have access to practical knowledge and insights from leaders in the field, best practices, research, and tools you can use every day in this rapidly changing industry. We provide information, resources, and education programs to help you keep current on the latest news, laws, and issues affecting community associations, condominiums, and cooperatives, and the homeowners who call them home. As a member, you'll also get a membership to your local chapter and gain a network of industry colleagues—over 40,000 of them in 64 chapters worldwide.


To enable development of home grown cryptographers and reduce the dependency of Nigeria on foreign cryptographic products and services


To create a platform for encouraging the learning and practice of cryptography in Nigeria and collaboration among relevant stakeholders


To create awareness on the importance of home grown cryptographers. To create a platform for the learning and practice of Cryptography in Nigeria. To stimulate national effort towards achieving national independence in developing cryptographic product and services. To help position Nigeria for future challenges and opportunities in cyber Security. To help position Nigeria for future challenges and opportunities in Digital Economy Opening the door to the future of Nigeria in Digital Economy and Cyber–Defense.


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We partner with some trusted Non Governmental Organization to create Crypto Awareness

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